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Google Minus: A real name too far?

Who else did google+ ban today??

Why do this??
We all appreciate the efforts that Google have made in order to give us a competitor to Facebook. That competitor whilst not perfect, would inspire facebook to work harder to make us happy, as opposed to just giving us another unaccountable "dictator" to tell us how to interact and deal with friends and family.

However, that doesn't turn out to be the greener pastures that we all hoped for and it seems that our free expression, legitimate or childish, is being removed from us and the Normal rules of the internet are being rewritten by a company without any interest in our best interests, but only those of it's shareholders.

For every single argument that the #nymwars are being fought with, there are dozens of reasons why people would want to remain anonymous on the internet. Fear, seculsion, free will, a hundred reasons for every reason given by Google.

The fact of the matter is that the only reason that stands up to scrutiny in this case, is that it's in their shareholders interest to force the use of real names, so they can sell the data. I happen to think that it is wrong to sell my soul for a free social network. In This case, I would prefer to know it's a jail, as opposed to painting it in the colours I like, giving me things I want, but locking the door on the way out. I happen to believe that whilst it's acceptable to try and provoke me to think and purchase things from shops and advertisers. I don't believe it's right to tell you "my way or the highway".

What if you could only drive on a particular motorway, if you listened to a particular radio station, change the station, you are thrown out. You didn't abide by the rules......It's stupid, right?

Join the fight today! Put your vote and make yourself counted. Thank you for reading
The more you know
Here are some links to interesting external websites discussing the issue, if you have more, please email them to my email




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I'm so super happy! Google didnt suspend me!!!


I got banned and I'm unhappy


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